Eworld3 Pinnacle Ranking

Rank Username Turnover
kh******1 406,957.00
ka******9 394,177.79
ja******6 236,741.08
ja******8 128,464.33
88******i 108,473.43
6 ke******6 98,202.33
7 mc******4 86,638.93
8 ar******8 55,454.00
9 ho******7 50,195.20
10 ro******8 49,761.13

Competition Rules

Eworld3 members will win the following rewards:

Ranking Reward
1st Place MALL Point 888
2nd Place MALL Point 555
3rd Place MALL Point 333
4th Place MALL Point 111
5th Place MALL Point 99

1. The promotion is open to all Eworld3 members.

2. Calculation method:
Members only need to replace " PROCEED WITHOUT ANY PROMOTION [ROAD TO TOURNAMENT]" on the top-up page to participate in ..

3.How to participate:
The ranking of is based on member's betting volume through Eworld3, with accumulation valid from 1/4/2021 12PM to 1/5/2021 12PM. As higher betting turnover as higher the chance of winning. The betting amounts will be calculated in member's currency or equivalent currency; any [Reverse Bet] or [Tie] will not be taken into the calculation of the betting turnover.

4. Members can check the latest rankings on the main page of the Eworld3 website at 4pm every day.

5. Eworld3 will be conducting a live prize draw on [Prize Draw: 6/4/2021].

6.Eworld3 players are bound by all the terms and conditions stipulated. Eworld3 reserves the right to change, stop, cancel the benefits or deduct all the paid amount at any time.

Eworld3 recreation,Endless possibilities

Battled Until The End

(Eworld3 reserves the right to modify the rules)